New Patient Information

What to Expect

Your initial visit will involve a review of your medical and dental history, a discussion of your expectations and treatment requests, necessary radiographs, and a complete clinical examination. The examination and discussion is thorough and comprehensive. It will take roughly an hour for adults; somewhat less time for children.

New Patient Forms

To save time, please feel free to print and fill out the following forms prior to your appointment.

- Insurance Form

- Patient Form

Examination and Diagnosis

  • The clinical examination includes a thorough soft tissue and oral cancer screening examination, complete periodontal charting, examination of the temporo-mandibular joints, associated musculature, and occlusion (“bite”), as well as an examination of the teeth for caries (decay), fractures, defective restorations, etc. Radiographs for new patients will include a panoramic radiograph and a series of seven vertical bite-wings.
  • Additional radiographs, pulp testing, or other procedures may be performed if required to accurately diagnose your individual situation.
  • We will ask you to share your thoughts about particular areas of concern and treatment preferences. We will discuss our examination findings with you and will communicate treatment options and/or any additional diagnostic requirements (such as mounted study casts of your teeth).
  • It is important to us that you thoroughly understand our diagnostic findings and the options available, as well as the pros, cons, and expense of each.
  • Together with you, we will then develop a plan of treatment.

Children's Dentistry

We enjoy seeing children! We strive to offer them a positive experience. The importance of an adequate diet and good home care cannot be overemphasized and we attempt to educate the children and their parents in a non-judgemental and nonthreatening way. We want all children to have a positive experience. In most cases, we will ask that the parent allow their child to come back alone. The intent is to allow the child to interact with us in order to establish a trusting and positive relationship. Read more about our general dentistry services.

Financial Information

Billing and payment expectations will be explained. We accept Medicaid and Denali Kid Care and are preferred providers for most insurance carriers. As a courtesy in most cases we will bill insurance carriers and ask that your deductible and copay be paid at the time of service.

Insurance Billing

We accept Medicaid and Denali Kid Care and are a preferred provider for most insurance carriers. As a courtesy, we will bill your insurance carrier. We will estimate your deductable and copay and ask that you pay that portion at the time of treatment.

In any case, you are ultimately responsible for payment for services rendered. We are happy to pre-determine benefits for your plan of treatment if you wish.

A Note Regarding Dental Insurance:

Dental “insurance” is not really insurance. It is a reimbursement plan for a very limited annual dollar amount and does not cover you for major treatment. Additionally, many services are simply not covered. As a matter of policy, Dr. Evans’ treatment recommendations are based upon his professional opinion based solely on your individual clinical needs.

We Have the Best Interest of Our Patients

We do not recommend and/or perform treatment simply because it is “covered” by your insurance carrier. In addition, our treatment recommendations not based upon insurance benefit constraints – we offer a plan customized to your individual clinical needs.

After we have discussed the recommend treatment, we will tailor the schedule to financial/insurance constraints if you wish.


We accept VISA and Mastercard. If you wish to extend payments, we will assist you with an application to CareCredit.

Useful Resources and Links

Visit our links page to access dental organizations' information. There is a significant amount of patient education material available from them.

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Dr. Evans has been in private practice and lived in Eagle River since 1982.

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