General & Family Dentistry

Children's General Dentistry

We also enjoy seeing children!

Our Objective
Our goal for all children is to foster a positive attitude toward visiting the dentist and oral health in general.

A Friendly Introduction
We encourage “walk-throughs” for very young children and we will offer “happy visits” for them to become familiar with the environment. We will not force children in any way.

If sedation or general anesthesia is necessary for comfort and cooperation we will refer your child to a competent pediatric dentist or oral surgeon for surgical procedures. We have found that if we spend time “up front” with them that they develop a positive attitude toward dental care and treatment, and they become great patients!

Examination and Diagnosis

Your Exam - What to Expect

  • The clinical examination includes a thorough soft tissue and oral cancer screening examination, complete periodontal charting, examination of the temporo-mandibular joints, associated musculature, and occlusion (“bite”), as well as an examination of the teeth for caries (decay), fractures, defective restorations, etc.

  • Radiographs for new patients will include a panoramic radiograph and a series of seven vertical bite-wings.

  • Additional radiographs, pulp testing, or other procedures may be performed if required to accurately diagnose your individual situation.

  • We will ask you to share your thoughts about particular areas of concern and treatment preferences. We will discuss our examination findings with you. We will communicate treatment options and/or any additional diagnostic requirements (such as mounted study casts of your teeth).

It is important to us that you thoroughly understand our diagnostic findings and the options available, as well as the pros, cons, and expense of each.

Together with you we will then develop a plan of treatment.
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We will see patients with emergencies (pain, bleeding, swelling, infections). Treatment will focus on resolving the immediate problem.